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Internet-based Services

Web Design and Development
Endian Systems offers organizations websites with secure log-ins, online facilities, and integration into SMS/MMS gateways where needed. We focus our energy on developing sites that reflect the customer’s brand and ensure that there is consistency between the Internet-based channels and other channels such as newspapers, TV etc.

Rich-Internet Site and Animation
Rich-Internet Site and Animation offers an interactive engagement experience which is primarily targeted towards “out-of-world” experience for users. The expectations of Internet users is constantly rising and the only way for organizations to ensure that they continue to entice customers towards the web site is to provide them with an experience that will “blow them away”. Rich-Internet sites blend content such as three dimensional characters with voice and text – enabling a much richer experience.

Animation enables organizations to provide three-dimensional images of their products. This increases the chances of a sale as customer have a “near real” experience of the product online. 3D demonstrations can be developed to indicate how a procedure is done or a company’s logo can be animated to drive the brand’s message and ensure a presence-of-mind for the brand.

Website Hosting
Hosting of organization’s websites including both Internet-based as well as Intranet-based sites. Endian systems offers different levels of services to meet organisations’ different criticality needs. An organization is removed from worrying about monitoring and technically managing the day-to-day activities of their websites.

Mobile Development
Endian systems offers organizations the ability to access up-to-date corporate information through mobile devices. Mobile computing is the use of wireless telecommunications infrastructure to provide an always-on access to information, data, and organizationa intelligence. It is our view that moile computing is slowly being entrenched into everyday life – to a point where Mobile Global Positioning Systems are integrated into organizational data to enrich the information provided to both customers and employees.

e-Commerce Web Design and Development

Several trends have emerged since the Dot-com period of the mid-1990s:
Procurement of supplies via the Internet has increased tremendously – resulting in the traditional bricks-and-mortar companies moving towards Internet-based channels in order to remain competitive.
The size of the potential market has expanded due to pervasive nature of the Internet. Traditional regional competitors are now finding themselves competing with International companies in offering services and products to customers.
Powerful distribution channels between the traditional company and its customers have been eliminated. Removing many of the barriers which inhibited international and long-distance competition to flourish in localized and regionalized markets.

Endian Systems understands opportunities that are inherent in Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, and Consumer-to-consumer (Intermediary) strategies that could be applied. We can assist in positioning companies appropriately so that they can leverage on these channels and remain competitive. Our focus is on automating as much as possible while ensuring that an end-to-end order/request/service view is kept in mind.

Brand and On-line Presence Management
A brand gives an identity to a product, providing a way to quickly comprehend the brand’s primary benefits whether rational or emotional. To fully capture the total value of a product’s positioning, it is important to brand a product in a way that communicates its intended positioning.

Endian Systems assists customers to reach different target markets cost effectively through Internet-based sales and delivery channels. A well-designed and implemented e-marketing channel can lower variable costs and marketing expenses as well as reduce other operating expenses in many cases. We evaluate the impact that an Internet-based channel will affect the image of a product or organization. It is only after such an evaluation has been done that we are then in a good position to advice the best way forward. Endian Systems offers:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Logo Designs
  3. E-mail branding