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Endian Advisory Services

Enterprise Architecture Consultancy
Enterprise Architecture is a young field within the Information and Communications Technology industry and yet it is rapidly becoming one of the most important fields.

Enterprise Architecture provides a holistic view of an enterprise’s processes, information and information technology assets, as a vehicle for aligning business and IT in a structured, more efficient, and sustainable manner. It provides the tight cohesion and loose coupling between the Business and IT environments. It is essentially the glue that allows both Business and IT to enable and drive each other.

Endian Systems enables companies to address reduce the level of complexity that is inherent in today’s Information and Communications departments while at the same time reducing the difficulty in delivering business value using technology. Endian Systems will assist companies in “bedding down” a methodology that is tailored to the company’s specific needs – this will ensure a predictable and repeatable EA delivery. Introduction of best practices is incorporated as part of the core of EA practice while training and communication are the tools that should constantly be used to emphasize the EA culture within the company.

Endian Systems has experience in:

  • EA Tool selection
  • EA process modeling.
  • EA integration into Project Management Office, ICT Governance, Regulatory and Compliance structures, and the Software Development Lifecycle.
  • EA Content Development and Creation.


ICT Strategy Planning and Implementation Consultancy

Decisions about how ICT should be planned, deployed, and utilized within a company are not always as straight forward as they should be. Business environment constantly demands an agile and responsive ICT environment that is responsive. Creating such an environment requires attention to both planning and implementation. Such planning and implementation should be relevant to the organizational priorities.

Endian Systems offers organizations the ability to be effective through an excellent ICT planning process that can deliver value, providing the ability to make accurate economical and technical decisions that achieve tangible and measurable results. The typical organizational strategic planning and implementation process is configured to make it relevant to the ICT activities. Activities such as Mission and Objectives alignment, ICT Environmental Scanning, ICT Strategy Formulation, ICT Strategy Implementation, and finally ICT Evaluation and Control are put in place and integrated to their business equivalents.

ICT Governance Planning and Implementation Consultancy

In dealing with the use of ICT, individuals and organizations must work within a complex legal environment. This legal environment is incomplete and sometimes less than satisfactory, yet it is the duty of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors to know and obey the existing laws. The information revolution has put great strain on the legal system. ICT has made new forms of crime, such as identity theft and denial of service, feasible.

Many organizations are completely dependent on ICT for their critical business operations. Individual as well as organizational privacy laws are being passed all the time – increasing the level of complexity that organizations have to deal with in ensuring compliance.

Organizations are also beginning to realize that technology can be leveraged in implementing business strategies, many business executives feel that there is a gap in communication between them and the ICT leadership, ICT service levels are seen to be inadequate and lacking in many respects, and productivity gains from technology investments seem to be unjustifiable.

Endian Systems provides Governance Planning and Implementation services in order to ensure that adequate internal control mechanisms are put in place. Internal control ultimately requires visibility, knowledge, and confidence in how ICT is delivered, when is it delivered, what is delivered, and who is responsible for delivery. Turn the ICT “black-box” into a transparent and visible process within business. Endian System’s ICT governance framework focuses on the following areas:
1.ICT Leadership and Responsibilities: What role does ICT play within the business, what are their responsibility and what are they accountable for? What organizational structure will ICT put in place to support these responsibilities?
2.ICT Delivery processes and policies: What operating model will be used to deliver ICT services? What are the ICT policies? Who approves these policies?
3.Risk Management: What is the organization’s appetite for risk? How is this managed and reported on by ICT? What responsibilities does ICT have regarding risks? IS ICT aware of its role regarding Risk Management?
4.Compliance Management: What checks and balances exist in order to minimize the risks and to ensure that proper governance is followed? How does the company ensure that there is no place within ICT where the balance of power is tilted?
5.Value Creation and Reporting: What is ICT’s value proposition? IS this value proposition linked to organizational strategy? Does ICT delivery on its promised value proposition? How is this value proposition measured?


Information Security Consultancy
All information security initiatives should begin with Risk Management. There are always threats associated to the continuing efficiency, profitability, and success of an organization’s operations as a result of the use of Information and Communications Technologies. Risk Management enables a company to identify and analyse these risks in order to understand the potential impact that such risks might pose. Appropriate mitigation steps can only be put in place in all organizational risks, when risks are properly profiled according to their impact. ICT risks can only be properly understood if an organization knows what their information assets are and what the priorities associated to these information assets are.

Endian Systems offers a systemic approach to identifying all critical information assets and the business processes that are dependent upon them. We provide accurate recommendation regarding the deployment of human and financial resources which are required in order to protect organizational information assets.

Our Information Security expertise will assist your organization to address:
1.Information Security organizational structure.
2.Information Security infrastructure and supporting technologies.
3.Information Security policies, standards, and procedures.
4.Information security assessments and baselines.
5.Information Security related training and awareness programmes.
6.Information Security Compliance.`

Project Management

Competing globally, increasing market share, reducing costs, and improving profits – all in the pursuit of producing better products and services faster through the use of high technology solutions – are just a few of the reasons why most organizations seek better ways to improve time-to-market, cost-to-market, and quality-to-market. The effective use of project management techniques is a critical element for achieving improvements in these areas.

Many modern organizations view project management as a key weapon in their arsenal to increase customer satisfaction and beat the competition. Project Management is no longer viewed as a system internal to the organization. It is now viewed as a competitive weapon that brings quality and value-add to the customer. A shift towards project management cannot be accomplished simply by adding projects to department work because there are substantial differences between department and project work. The repeat work necessary to make a department efficient is not conducive to doing something new. Projects in contrast, foster change and thus disturb the status quo.

Endian Systems offers highly-experienced and qualified Project Managers with knowledge of PMBOK and Prince 2 frameworks. In addition, we have a deep understanding of the underlying organizational challenges which impede the successful implementation of Project Management excellence culture.

Research, Management of Technology, and Innovation Consultancy.

Customer value can only be created when organization leverage advances in technology. Customers can only benefit from the innovative use of technologies within organizations. The management of technology and innovation aims to maximize the cost-effectiveness of investments in technology development and ultimately contribute to organizational value. The core need is the use of new technologies to exploit the value that could be derived for the benefit of the organization and its stakeholders. Innovation can be applied for the benefit of the organization by focusing on applying new ways of doing things within the organization or it can be used for the benefit of the customer by focusing on applying new ways of packaging services/products, finding new uses for products etc, while on the extreme side it can focus on both at the same time.

In order for a company to apply management of technology and innovation principles successfully, sources of innovation (both internal and external) have to be identified. The organization has to know why it needs to be innovative. An organizational structure in support of innovation has to be put in place and an appropriate strategy which is in line with the innovation objectives have to be put in place.

It should, however, be pointed out that not all organizations will successfully be innovative. Organizations that do not tolerate creativity and do not tolerate failures are bound to be difficult environments for the introduction of innovation.

Endian Systems can assist in analyzing the culture of the organization to determine its readiness for innovation and also suggest mechanisms and processes that will move the organization towards the right culture. Endian Systems is well equipped to ensure that companies can innovate and manage technology in a manner that is tangible and cost-effective.